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Since 1995 Logjam Media has provided affordable expertise focused on the computer needs of small businesses

Let our knowledge and skills give your business the ability to function more smoothly.

If you're tired of computer techs who seem to be speaking a foreign language, look no further.  We have the time and the patience to help you and your employees gain a better knowledge of how networks and computers work. We provide one-on-one training from basic computing to complex internet and networking issues.
Custom built computer systems and functional network solutions allow you to choose what features are important to your company.

Logjam Media's hourly rates and on-call services let you control how and when you spend your computing dollars.  So rather than paying an in-house computer specialist a huge salary or paying a monthly contract fee for computer services, try Logjam Media.

We make it our business to help your computers stay up and running and to keep your electronic information where you can access it, share it, and store it in case of emergency.